E.O.U.V. E.O.U.V.

Gottscheer Club of Cleveland

EOUV Ladies Auxiliary

A group of Ladies who met on October 6, 1928 and founded the Ladies Auxiliary of the E.O.U.V. The purpose of this organization was to assist and arrange in holding of social and fraternal gatherings of its own, as well as in conjunction with the then Men’s Society. They were to help the men with their club functions.

The organizers were:

  • Pauline Primosch
  • Lena Petsche
  • Marie Koenig
  • Anna Weber
  • Marie Dulzer
  • Pauline Hutter
  • Maria Hirsch

The fee for admission at the time was $.25 and $1.00 for a yearly membership.

The Ladies of the Auxiliary were always ready and able to help out wherever they were needed, and this is still the case today. The Ladies saw many changes during the past 85 years of their existence, in the lodge as well as in the world. For one thing, the men’s lodge no longer is considered as a man’s lodge, but “The Lodge”. They now admit women in the organization. The Ladies of the Auxiliary were talented; these talents were beneficial for setting up a lodge here in Cleveland. With all of their talents, they were able to help the men in their everyday work, to make the lodge more productive and visible.

They were a group of quiet and upstanding citizens, they saw a need and they took care of it. Of course in the days past, the functions were not as elaborate as today; nevertheless they took care of all things as well as they could. And as we all know they did a wonderful job then and continue to do so at the present time.

We are proud to be associated with such a fine group of Ladies; they are hard working and wise.

This year, 2013, they are celebrating the 85th Anniversary, we would like to remember and honor the ladies who started the Ladies Auxiliary. At the same time we would like to thank and congratulate the members of today for keeping the Ladies Auxiliary in the limelight, and helping keep the lodge in their existence. We must not forget the men of the lodge, we thank them for giving us the opportunity to be ourselves, and letting us function on our own so that we are able to bring our talents and culture to this wonderful home. The men built this home with a lot of love and hard work for our members, and of course as they say “Da waren Frauen auch dabei”. May we continue for many more years, and work together with the men, so that we will remain strong as a club. This is all in the hope that the younger generation will continue were we left off. The ladies are very productive in that they still keep the catering within the club; they also have monthly dinners to help keep the club financially strong.

Thank you one and all for being members of the Ladies Auxiliary; it is an honor to belong to such a fine organization. This is where we learn from each other to make this a better club and a better world.

Past Presidents from 1960 on**:
** Records were not kept of the presidents until the 1960’s.

Millie Thomas ?-1961
Anneliese Skieber 1961-1976
Hilde Lackner Kobetitsch 1976-1981
Marie Schiebli 1981-1983
Poldie Sigmund 1983-1990
Hilde Lackner Kobetitsch 1990-present

We congratulate you dear ladies for the 85th Anniversary; we thank you for your dedication, your hard work and your love and loyalty to the club. May God bless all of you.
- Hilde Kobetitsch – President of the Ladies Auxiliary