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Gottscheer Club of Cleveland

Joe Sieder Recognized by Ladies Auxiliary

May 19, 2013

The Men of the EOUV honored the Mothers and Fathers of our club on their special day. Mothers and Fathers dinner is always a special occasion in our club, because on that day the ladies of the auxiliary have the privilege of being waited on, and we appreciate it. This tradition began many years ago, when Joe Sieder our President of the EOUV thought that the ladies deserved such a beautiful day.

On May 19, the Ladies Auxiliary reciprocated this honor by giving Joe a plaque which shows our appreciation to Joe Sieder for always thinking about his fellow members and especially the Ladies Auxiliary. The Ladies Auxiliary and their President Hilde Kobetitsch thought it would be nice to give Joe a special gift. As you can see from these pictures, it was a plaque with a vineyard motif and also parts of our club, which he so loves. The vineyard depicts the region were Joe grew up, Unterdeutschau, Gottschee, where his parents were also owners of a Vineyard in Maierle.

Joe has done much for our club, and had the foresight to build it up for future generations to enjoy. All club members appreciate the location and site that we are on. Wednesdays have been set aside by Joe many years ago to have a work day for the beautification of our club; the men make the necessary repairs to our grounds and club. One can see from the appearance inside and out that these men have volunteered many hours, in order to have this finished product, the EOUV.

The Ladies Auxiliary as well as the Lodge has nothing but praise and admiration of the work that Joe has done for this club. Joe and the men of the Wednesday crew deserve a special thank you for all they have done by following in Joe’s footsteps, all in the love for the Gottscheer Club, the EOUV.

Many thanks to Joe, and to all the members of the Wednesday work crew.

Hilde Kobetisch, Joe Sieder, Maria Sieder
The men of the "Wednesday Work Crew".
Front row: Joe Spisich, Joe Koenig, Alfons Hoge.
Back row: Joe Sieder, Konrad Peter, Albert Kobe, Max Juran, Joe Kinkopf, Fritz Stonitsch, Joe Shaller