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Gottscheer Club of Cleveland

Calendar of Events

There's always something going on at EOUV!  Take a look at our calendar of events below.  Find the event you are interested in, and look for the contact information to get more details.

Use these contact numbers to get tickets for events. Each event denotes who to contact:

Contact... At... For...
Ed Seifert 440-537-7435
Christine Neuman 440-845-5038 ...tickets to Heimatchor concerts
Valerie Siringer 216-214-1531 ...tickets to Wienerabend
Marie Widmer 440-944-2207 ...all monthly dinner tickets

2018 Calendar of Events

    Event More Information
January Mon 01 Happy New Year 2018
February Sat 10 Fasching Dinner Dance Music by Fred Ziwich
Call Ed Seifert