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Gottscheer Park

Gottscheer Park

Gottscheer Park has been the home of E.O.U.V. for more than a quarter of a century.  Located in Novelty, a southeast suburb of Cleveland, Gottscheer Park is a beautiful 56 acre setting for just about all of the club's social and cultural events.

ClubhouseThe central feature of the park is the clubhouse, where activities occur year-round.  The clubhouse contains a banquet and performance hall, and a full kitchen and bar.  The hall hosts weddings and other events regularly.  A large stage provides the venue for the club choir, dance group, brass band and others to perform and entertain guests.  Come to any event and you'll find a staff of talented club members preparing dinner, tending bar and faithfully serving guests. 

A portion of the clubhouse existed when the property was purchased in the early 1980's.  Club members expanded that original building into the clubhouse that exists today.  Club meetings are held monthly in the upstairs portion of the original building.


One of two tranquil ponds at the park The chapel is a dedication to deceased members The playground keeps the youngest entertained Gazebo Pavilion from the outside
One of two tranquil ponds at the park
The chapel is a dedication to deceased members
The playground keeps the youngest entertained
In the Gazebo, one can relax and enjoy magnificent views of the park
A view of the Pavilion from inside the Gazebo

The caretaker's house is a beautiful A-frame building built by club members which serves as living quarters for the caretaker and family.  The picturesque view from its balcony features one of the two ponds located on the property.

A three-season pavilion hosts summer eventsBehind the clubhouse, a three-season pavilion provides a great weatherproof venue for outdoor events such as the 4th-of-July picnic.  The pavilion also includes a bar, kitchen, stage and dance floor for the convenience and entertainment of guests.

Take a stroll around Gottscheer Park, and you'll also find a children's playground, a gazebo, a chapel dedicated to past club members, soccer fields and much more.

All of the buildings on the grounds, as well as the large concrete parking lot and concrete driveway, were created by the hands of club members.  Weekly, you'll find a group of dedicated, hard-working and talented men and women at the park, working on the latest project, and keeping those who are working on the projects well-fed.  Their hard work and the pride they have in their club, are evident as you stroll through Gottscheer Park.

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